Milieus and Venues

Major happenings and events: transcribing culture and society

2015: Ratgeb Skulpturpfad Herrenberg

2 years in the making, Glaswerkstatt Dierig

2006: Glaswerkstatt Dierig Überlingen

14 days work, concept first materialized on site

2003: Studio Poale Tzedek, Cluj, Romania

Studio project "Flying Golem"

2002: Symposion Cluj, Romania

International artists, thought-provoking exchange

1996: Lithography workshop Vac, Ungarn

Working at Nalors Grafika since 1992

1994: Zentral-Textilmuseum, Lódz, Poland

Ausstellung and Installation "Tranzitus"

1992: Diocesan Museum Warshau, Poland

Patronage Cardinal Josef Glemp

1990: Atelier Schorndorf, Germany

Performance, Photos by Karin Mueller, Leonberg

1988: Mark di Suvero Stuttgart, Germany

Good friends, Enrico Martignoni & Mark di Suvero

1987: Oil & Steel Gallery, Long Island City

May 1987 Loft of Mark di Suvero in New York