De-Constructing modern art ...

e.g., the painting,
"Spuren des Dialogs"

"Traces of Dialog", 1990   Spuren des Dialogs
Artist: Frederick D. Bunsen
Technique: acrylics and paper
Size: 96cm x 56cm

In print on bookcover:
Wiederkehr der Engel
von Herbert Vorgrimler
Butzon & Bercker,
Kaevelar, Germany 1991

Picture meaning in general

art meaning
autopoietic system

The game of "differentiating": To begin, "click" on any part of the picture for "pop-up" explainations on the right side of your screen!

Spuren des Dialogs white line blue wisch blue wisch pink line pink line blackhole red line (3) red line (2) red line backgnd3 backgnd3 backgnd4 backgnd1 Background (2) Background (2) red line (4) red line (5) red line (3) structure1 footprint black depth red accent


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