Observing Art and Society
Frederick D. Bunsen
The Artist (English)

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Vitae 2012: pdf-file
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Der Künstler (German)
Kurzer Lebenslauf: F.D. Bunsen (13 KB)
Künstler-Vita und Werdegang bis Anfang 2016: Bunsen - pdf-file (153 KB) UPDATE
Artist newsletter/ register for upcoming exhibitions (German)
Examples of Painting and Performances
Painting on Glass, Glaswerkstatt Dierig 2010 LOOK Videodokumentation
Zeichenseminar auf La Gomera 2009 (Video 16MB)
Eight Paintings (selection)
100 Drawings: Invitation NICAF Japan in 1997
International Museum Exhibition, Portland, Oregon USA 2001
Art installation Dobel, Germany 1999, "Soltice"
Deconstructing Art
Writings: The paradigms in Bunsen´s artwork (English/ German/ Spanish/ Hungarian/ Polish)
Writings: The paradigms in Bunsen´s artwork -Romanian LOOK
Veröffentlichungen: German publications by F.D. Bunsen - art theory
Bilddekonstrution I: Anwendung der Differenztheorie (German)
Picture Deconstruction II: Applying Difference Theory (English)